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Weekends are Love!
Posted on: 17th of February 2004 | Under: Life & Love

I had a wonderful weekend.

It started off with the CCP and ABS CBN tour of my batch on Friday. It was fun, not only because our class was canceled for the day, but because we were able to mingle and spend time with our batch mates. We were pretty exhausted towards the latter part of the tour, but the whole experience was still well worth it.

A couple of pictures are posted here.

Saturday was great too. JR and I spent our first Valentine’s afternoon together here at my home. We watched Kill Bill while we indulged ourselves to some pizza and iced tea. Nothing beats cuddling with the person you love while watching a movie. <3

We then had dinner and spent the evening with my relatives at a close family friends’ house. It was truly nice having him there with my relatives. Literally, he has already become part of the family. Sweet! :)

He slept in our living room couch for the night, but he didn’t get much sleep with people barging in and out of the room and mosquitoes feasting on him. *mow* =( My poor bebe. But yeh, it was still great having him over. ^_,~;;

Of course, what’s a family gathering without any pictures, yeh? CLICK HERE.

ABS CBN tour

Valentine's Day

Nine Months
Posted on: 28th of January 2004 | Under: Life & Love

9 months. That’s how long I have left ’til my final exhibit.

9 months and I’ll be done with drafting plates for my classes. 9 months and I’ll finally be free from going to school early in the morning. 9 months and I will graduate and will receive my certificate in Interior Design. Ahh, in 9 months, I’ll be free.

But yes, that also means that I still have 9 months more of sleepless nights. 9 months more of going to school early. 9 months more of endless drafting of plates. 9 months more of gruelling work.

9 months.

I have yet to grasp the reality that I’m actually gonna be done in 9 months. I’ve already prepared myself for all the tiresome work. Things will definitely be a lot harder now that our final exhibit is approaching. Work has already been divided among the different committees and this afternoon we had a meeting for the Annual Committee (one of the two committees that I’m in– the other would be the Construction Committee) for the yearbook.

The work looked harder than I thought it would be, but I’m sure we’ll cope. I, along with another batchmate, have been assigned “Layout and Graphic Designer/Editor.” I’m sure it’ll be a tough job but I’m pretty much ecstatic to get started on it.

Ahh, I can’t wait for that 9 months to pass. I’l finally be free after that. Well, I do have my Minor Subjects to take in Benilde for a year. Then comes the Board Exams. Then it’ll be actual work as an Interior Designer (when I pass the Board, that is).

Err, I guess it doesn’t really end in 9 months. 8-} haha!

Anyway, we were bored in class earlier, so we went and fiddled with my camera…

Myca and I.

Tonet drafting our floor plan.

My teddy wanted to draft too. XP hehe

Isn’t he just adorable? ^^;; LOL!

I was obviously bored! 8-}

Marz, Myca, me and Tonet downstairs.

Hehe. Expect to see more pictures of my school friends and I in here. We all just love pictures! ^_,~:;

Advance Course, Here I Come!
Posted on: 1st of July 2003 | Under: Life & Love
“If you resorted to gulping down several cups of coffee just to stay awake to do your plates in your Basic course, then be prepared, for this time in the Advance course, you will need toothpicks to keep your eyelids open too.”
That was what Sir Jardenil, our professor for our first class of the Term, said yesterday. *sigh* Yes, things will be a lot harder in class now. He gave us an introduction of what was needed to be done for his subject and boy was I stressed out just looking at them. It’s like triple the amount of plates that we usually get. And to think, I have 3 other subjects, which I’m sure will be as hard too.

Sir Jardenil further warned us, that if we were on full-load (doing all 4 subjects) this Term, then we should be prepared for a tough time. It’ll be hard coping with all 4 subjects, he said. *sigh* We haven’t even started our plates, yet I’m all stressed out already. =(

I hope I’ll be able to get through the whole course. I can’t afford to slack off anymore. He also added that if we found it somewhat hard acquiring A’s in our subjects in the Basic course, then we should work thrice as much to get them this time. Getting high grades is harder he said. Squeezing our brain and creative juices to its limit, if we have to. o_O;; *sigh* Good luck to me!

I can already imagine myself staying awake ’til dawn, working endlessly on mind-boggling plates. I really want to concentrate on doing well. I need to focus and break my habit of procrastinating. I guess this’ll mean that I won’t be as active online anymore.

I’ll try not to brand myself as going on hiatus. I’ll be around. I’ll still be blogging and dropping by your sites. It just won’t be as often.

I need to focus, and that I shall do. Wish me luck! ^_,~;;

I found these pics in one of my old folders and thought I’d post them. ^__^

Sobel and I… taken almost 3 years ago at Steph’s debut.

me, Jewelle and Elaine… taken 2 years ago.
Ready for School Again
Posted on: 16th of June 2003 | Under: Life & Love

Classes, for most schools, officially started today. Mine, on the other hand, doesn’t start until exactly 2 weeks from now.

I’m pretty much excited to go back. 3 months of bumming around at home was more than enough for me. Yes, I did enjoy lazing around the house, but I was already bored of the whole thing, not even half way through my holiday.

I’ve read 4 books, watched a gazillion movies and downloaded dozens, if not over a hundred, mp3’s. I’ve slaved my feet walking around the mall much too many times and have glued myself infront of the computer too long that my mom already started complaining. I think I’ve had enough of it all.

Funny how I’m saying this, when I remember heartily complaining about the work load our professors were bombarding us with last Term. Well, I’m hoping that the upcomming Term won’t be as nerve-wracking as the previous one. I only have classes from Monday to Thursday anyway. I get off a day early for the weekend, so that should be ample time to relax.

But, since I’m already doing the Advanced classes of ID, I’ll have classes for a year and a half straight– with not much vacation in between. Yeh, that’s 6 Terms with only about 3 days break between each Term. I hope I can cope up.