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Five Years
Posted on: 17th of October 2008 | Under: Life & Love

We turned five years yesterday. Five Years! Sometimes I feel like we’ve been together forever, but most of the time I feel like we’re still just a fresh couple. After five years, the flattery, the giddiness and the butterflies in the stomach are still there. There’s still a whole lot of pampering and mushiness. My heart is still tickled by his words and simple gestures.

I received not just one, but two bouquet of roses. He surprised me the other night when he brought home the first bouquet of red roses. Which is why I was even more surprised when a second bouquet was delivered to our flat yesterday. Surprises truly make any girl’s heart skip a beat! XD

We celebrated our Anniversary over a lovely dinner and dessert on the 70th floor of a fancy hotel, but I will blog about that in my next post. I’ll leave you with a few photos for now. =D

The first set of flowers! <3

The second bouquet, which was delivered to our flat. <3

The card that came with the white roses. Mushy! Hehe! Oh, and “With Love and Prayers” is an inside joke. =P hehe!

Celebrating Hearts Day Apart
Posted on: 18th of February 2008 | Under: Life & Love

I get quite frustrated when I see couples looking oh-so-happy together. Jealousy or envy, perhaps? Probably. They just make me more bitter that the boyfriend and I are miles apart from each other. I don’t like the distance. I really don’t. I think I’ve even cried more in the last couple of months than I ever have my entire life.

I actually dreaded Valentine’s Day this year. Afraid that I’d end up moping and feeling sad that we can’t be together. But, things turned out pretty well. We spent the first hour of the day talking online, like we do most nights. Then, in the middle of a busy day at work, I was surprised with an express delivery of a dozen red roses. <3

a dozen roses!!! =)

taken almost a week after Valentine's, and they're still beautiful!

I gotta say that they’re the most beautiful roses that I’ve ever seen. And I’m not saying that because it came from JR, but really, they’re perfect! I have them sitting on the table next to my bed, and even if it’s been almost a week, they still look fresh. :)

After work, I hurried home and we spent the night keeping each other company online, the way we would’ve spent the time if we were physically together on a date – fooling around. =P

my drummer boy goofing around =)

So, in the end, spending Valentine’s Day apart wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. Sometimes I really should be more optimistic than I claim to be. =P

Thank you for the wonderful day, my bebe! Even if the situation has been hard for both of us, you really make a way to make me happy. I LOVE YOU! :-*

Loving is a Choice
Posted on: 14th of January 2008 | Under: Life & Love

No one said love was easy. No one said that loving you was going to be easy.
But I made a choice. And even if the tears have flowed numerous times, even if the distance has been our biggest obstacle, I still choose you. I still choose to love you. Every tear makes me understand you more. Every tear makes me love you more.

We can do this. :)

Missing the Boyfriend… But, Thank God for Work!
Posted on: 17th of May 2007 | Under: Life & Love

JR has finally settled down in Singapore. I flew there with him for 8 days to help him buy things and fix his room. It was also the perfect opportunity for us to spend quality time together.

Being in a long distance relationship is no doubt difficult. Having him so far away is something that I haven’t completely grasped yet. I was having coffee at our favorite Starbucks Monday afternoon, and it felt so different not having him around. I kept finding myself glancing towards the door, expecting him to appear any minute. I kept searching through the crowd for the semi-bald-headed guy that would always greet me with glimmering eyes and a wide smile. I miss him so much, that words cannot even describe how I’m feeling.

I have to thank my new work, though. I started the day after I arrived back from Singapore, and I must say that it has helped me deal with the distance thing. Being busy and preoccupied the whole day has somehow veered me away from sulking. I’m also enjoying the new environment, my new officemates included, so at least I still have something to look forward to everyday. =)

Here’s a couple of pictures of JR and I Singapore:


@ a resto somewhere in Little India


@ Changi Airport before my flight back to Manila

Check out the rest of the photos in my Multiply. =P