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An Attempt to Narrate our Singapore Escapade
Posted on: 19th of July 2006 | Under: Travel Junkie

The lack of detailed updates in here was due to the vacation JR and I had in Singapore. We were too busy having fun that it was just right to get away from our online lives for a while. =P But I did miss this, so let me try to let you all in on the wonderful time we had. ^_^

It was a 10-day escapade full of shopping, sight seeing, eating, taking pictures and meeting up with people. The main reason why we planned the trip was to be present at Cecilia (my ever dearest friend/sister whom I haven’t seen for 7 years!) and Dinesh’s Registration of Marriage.

We met up with the couple the 2nd night we were there and had the best time talking, dancing and getting drunk (ok, I got drunk) on Vodka. =P Imissed my sis so much and seeing her again was just overwhelming! :)

A picture of the four of us looking too happy… =P


Warning: This post is image-heavy, so be patient while everything loads. :)


I Love My Family
Posted on: 27th of January 2004 | Under: Life & Love

I love my family and when I say that, I don’t just mean my immediate family. I love my family as a whole. My aunts, uncles and cousins too. The Viduya clan (maternal side) is pretty big. My mom has 6 brothers and 5 sisters (they’re 12 all in all) and there are already 34 of us grandchildren and one great grandchild. Yes, the family is that big.

It’s just so much fun that way, really. I love getting together with everyone. It’s literally one big party when we’re together. The house is packed with loud people talking, singing, laughing, eating and playing games everytime. It gets exhausting having everyone over, but it’s still fun.

So yeh, even if my little cousins turn my room upside down when they’re over, I still don’t mind too much. I’m happier with just the thought of getting to spend some time with them.

Anyway, one of my aunts and uncles flew back from San Francisco on Sunday, so it was a great excuse for everyone to get together here at home. We’re all fond of taking and posing for pictures, and we did quite a lot of that on Sunday. ^_,~;;

Here are some of them…

my sister, me and Kikay (my adorable little cousin).

my sister, tita Kharm and me.

from left to right:
my sister, tito Pancho, me, ate Patti (back), ate Shine, my brother (far back), Bino (front) and my mother dearest.

Bino, ate Patti and me.

with mom and my sister.

ate Shine and I.

my sister and I.

It would be great to have one big reunion. We’ve never had a get together with everyone present. It’s hard getting everyone to fly back here all at the same time. I guess that’s what happens when you have a huge family. XP hehe.

Meeting up with MG
Posted on: 2nd of August 2003 | Under: Life & Love

I met up with Itchy (MG) this afternoon!! ^_^ She’s back in the Philippines for a holiday, so we just couldn’t let the opprtunity of meeting up pass by. Wooohooo! We had a total blast. An hour and a half of chit-chatting over some fraps may be short, but it was still well worth it. Plain silliness is all I can say. Fun! Fun!

We were meant to stay at Starbucks, but there was a certain lady who totally pissed us off. Rudeness, plain rudeness. We were so annoyed at her that we decided to just go somewhere else. Figaro was where we ended up. Fraps and coffee aren’t as nice as the ones at my fave Starbucks, but it was fine I guess. The place wasn’t as crowded either, so it was all good. ;)

Capturing some moments of our meet-up, here are a couple of pictures… *_*;;

Fraps… ^_^

hehe, Itchy!!!

She made me sign her book…


Oh, and here is the paperbag of goodies I bought for her and Nikz, my twin. She’s gonna bring my package for Nikz back to Geneva. ^^;; Thanks, sweetie!! =)

Itchy with her eyes closed…. and me. XP

hehehe. =)

Oh, I forgot to mention that Itchy’s bestfriend came along too. ;)

Q_Q;; …errr… hahaha! plain silliness!! ^^;;

there, a decent shot. =)

hehehe. XP

Oh, and look what she gave me!! A pair of butterfly earings!! ;) Thanks so much Itchypot! ^^;;

I guess those pictures spoke for themselves. We had fun! =) Too bad someone wasn’t around. We totally missed her… hahaha! …inggit na yan!! *whistles*

Can’t wait ’til December!!! ^_,~;;

School Blues
Posted on: 14th of July 2003 | Under: Life & Love

Exhaustion to the extreme, that explains my being blogless for the past week. Yeh, I’ve been busy. Really busy, more like it. I can’t believe how much work we’re getting. I hardly have time to rest. o_O;;

I wake up at half past six every morning for school. I listen to our professors ramble on about floor plans and designs. Class ends at noon, but I don’t get home ’til around two o’clock. I prepare myself a late lunch, take a two to three-hour nap, get up and work on my plates. I don’t stop ’til late at night, or in most cases, ’til early morning. Blah! I often wonder when it’ll all end.

Seriously, I think I’m getting an overload. I’ve been extremely moddy lately too. Bleh! I would complain, but for some reason, I’m loving our work. Well, sorta. Sometimes I just wanna give up. Especially during those nights when I feel as if my head’s ready to burst into flames.

People think Interior Design is such an easy course. That it only requires drawing and sketching. Those who think that, have got it all wrong. ID is actually one of the hardest courses out there. It involves both the left and the right brain thinking things over. Yeh, that’s both the creative and the logical thinking. It’s extremely hard being creative and thinking logically at the same time. Our prof says that that’s the main reason why we’re usually attacked with terrible headaches when doing our plates. bleh! @[email protected];;

Anyway, I had lunch and hung out with a few people on Saturday. It was a prefect break from my school work. Just sitting around, eating and chit-chatting over coffee was perfect. I seriously need to do that often to de-stress. I’m looking forward to this Saturday too. The Duncan Sheik concert. ^_^ yey! It’ll be another great break from my plates! I so can’t wait!

*sigh* Anyway, I need to take a short nap before I return to my plates. I’ll leave you with a few pics before I go. ;)

My first plate for the Term. Ethnic inspired. A larger version can be viewed at the “extra” page.

Having fun at G4 on Saturday…
me, Sunshine, Ethel and Noelle.
..err, my face looks weird. o_O;;

err, my face looks so white too! bleh! i’m not that fair!!! hahaha! XP

wooh, of course, chit-chatting over some coffee and fraps. ^_,~;;