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Layouts: Web and Yearbook
Posted on: 13th of July 2004 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

Finally, a new layout! ^^;;

Instead of working on our yearbook layout, this afternoon I sat myself down to work on this site. It was in dire need of a facelift, really. I was getting sick and tired of seeing the grey tones of my previous layout. Sure, the contents are still the same (I haven’t had the time, nor the inspiration to add anything new), but at least this is something fresh to look at.

Being the graphic/layout editor of my batch’s yearbook, has forced me to fiddle around with Photoshop once again. Having almost 200 pages to do in about a month and a half’s time is a lot of work, but it’s been a thrilling job for me.

I had always dreamed of getting myself involved in such work. I’ve been fond of designing graphics, posters and different layouts for as long as I can remember. For several years, I was contented with designing websites. I would tweak around Photoshop and familiarize myself with its different functions. It was a hobby that somewhat helped me develop, not only my skill, but my love for graphic design too. I enjoyed, and still enjoy making websites, but I always hoped that one day I would find myself working on the layout of magazine or a book.

Sure, it’s only a school yearbook that I’m doing and it’s nothing grande, but I’m still very much psyched up. I can’t wait to work on the rest of the pages. I’m excited to see the final outcome of the work that I had always dreamed of doing. =)

.i love you, my bebe! =).
Batch Outing
Posted on: 29th of April 2004 | Under: Travel Junkie

Out of town trips are something that I enjoy quite a lot. Being able to get away from, not just the school work, but also from the hustle and bustle of city life, is such a treat. Emptying your mind from all the worries and just having fun is something everyone must do once and a while.

Heading off to a beach in Zambales with my batch was great last Saturday. The beach itself wasn’t exactly like that of Boracay’s, but being in the company of some wonderful people made everything fun. Talking, laughing and getting to know our batchmates a little bit more was perfect. Somehow, the whole trip bonded the batch a little tighter.

What better way to describe the entire trip, than through pictures, right? So, here you go…

:: click here ::

Oh, and inlight to the recent exhibit, which some of my batchmates and I had in Glorietta, we were featured in several local newspapers. It’s just funny seeing your name and face plastered on the paper! haha! XP

Here are 2 shots of those…

A shot of our platform, “Kulay,” with our names below it. From the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

My group members and I. Taken from the Manila Bulletin.

And because I’m feeling extra vain right now, here’s a shot of Steph, me and Jewelle, taken around 2 weeks ago….


Working in the Wee Hours
Posted on: 19th of February 2004 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

I’m a vampire. I hardly ever sleep at night. Instead of snuggling under my covers like everyone else, I’m left sitting in front of my drafting table, doing plates in the wee hours of the morning. It’s not like I have much choice. I could work on them in the afternoons when I get home from school, but distractions are always my problem.

The internet is one distraction for me. I can get myself hooked online for several hours, forgetting about my plates that need to be done. I often have to cram just to finish a plate in time for its deadline. I spend too much time with my eyes glued to the computer monitor and too little time on my plates. Pretty sad, huh?

But besides the cyber world, my ultimate distraction has got to be the people around me.

I dislike being disturbed. When I draft, I like to work straight. I dislike people coming up to me asking me to do things for them while I’m in the middle of a plate. I get that a lot here. Everytime I get started on a plate, someone always barges in the room to bug me. It’s simply annoying. I can never get through my plates without someone asking me to do things for them in between.

That’s basically the reason why I like to draft at night. With everyone asleep, I have the perfect time to work on things. No distractions. Noone calling out my name every 30 minutes.

For a lot of people, it’s not an ideal time to be working, but it works for me.

I’m a night person and I find that my mind and creative juices work better at the oddest time. Mainly because I can think straight without anyone butting in between. ^^;;

So yes, those baggages under my eyes can get bigger and more visible if they want. I’m too comfortable working at night to change the habit. XP hehe!

Extra: I have 3 new plates up in my extra section.
[ 01, 02, 03 ] – My group’s latest plates in our Restaurant Design Class.

Nine Months
Posted on: 28th of January 2004 | Under: Life & Love

9 months. That’s how long I have left ’til my final exhibit.

9 months and I’ll be done with drafting plates for my classes. 9 months and I’ll finally be free from going to school early in the morning. 9 months and I will graduate and will receive my certificate in Interior Design. Ahh, in 9 months, I’ll be free.

But yes, that also means that I still have 9 months more of sleepless nights. 9 months more of going to school early. 9 months more of endless drafting of plates. 9 months more of gruelling work.

9 months.

I have yet to grasp the reality that I’m actually gonna be done in 9 months. I’ve already prepared myself for all the tiresome work. Things will definitely be a lot harder now that our final exhibit is approaching. Work has already been divided among the different committees and this afternoon we had a meeting for the Annual Committee (one of the two committees that I’m in– the other would be the Construction Committee) for the yearbook.

The work looked harder than I thought it would be, but I’m sure we’ll cope. I, along with another batchmate, have been assigned “Layout and Graphic Designer/Editor.” I’m sure it’ll be a tough job but I’m pretty much ecstatic to get started on it.

Ahh, I can’t wait for that 9 months to pass. I’l finally be free after that. Well, I do have my Minor Subjects to take in Benilde for a year. Then comes the Board Exams. Then it’ll be actual work as an Interior Designer (when I pass the Board, that is).

Err, I guess it doesn’t really end in 9 months. 8-} haha!

Anyway, we were bored in class earlier, so we went and fiddled with my camera…

Myca and I.

Tonet drafting our floor plan.

My teddy wanted to draft too. XP hehe

Isn’t he just adorable? ^^;; LOL!

I was obviously bored! 8-}

Marz, Myca, me and Tonet downstairs.

Hehe. Expect to see more pictures of my school friends and I in here. We all just love pictures! ^_,~:;