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Cutting Down on Shopping
Posted on: 25th of March 2009 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I love it when stores go on Sale. That’s usually the time when I tend to spend a little more than necessary. Sometimes I really just can’t resist a good deal! But I think I’ve been spending a little too much on retail therapy lately. Must cut down. Must resist the urge to visit the mall every so often. Must start saving! =P

Shopping Galore in KL
Posted on: 21st of March 2009 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I did say that I did a lot of shopping in KL, right? Let me share with you what I took back to Singapore with me. =)

My uncle from the US gave me a new phone: a Blackberry Curve! He was in Manila early this year, and I was glad to finally get my hands on it. =P


I forgot to bring my Polaroid camera when we went home for Christmas, so I asked my sister to bring it to KL for me. I missed it! It still has a couple of shots left in it. Will hunt down for cheap films soon (must stock up before they’re completely gone!).


I went shoe-crazy! Wheee! <3 And to think that I even shopped at the Charles and Keith warehouse sale just a day before I went to KL! LOL! I bought two flats at Vincci (VNC in Manila), and another one at Nose. They were unbelievably cheap! Very comfy too. Especially the black one. I used it while running around KL.



Weekend Trip to KL
Posted on: 21st of March 2009 | Under: Travel Junkie

Since I’ve been pretty idle lately, I took my mom’s offer of going down to KL to see her and my sister last weekend. I figured it would be just the perfect getaway, so I took a five hour bus ride and joined them for a three-day adventure. And what an adventure it truly was!

We shopped and ate to the brim! My sister and I were running around, bouncing from one mall to another, while my mom had to attend to her business gatherings. We went crazy over shoes!

We were also able to do a little bit of touring with my mom and the two couples who came with them from Manila. It was the perfect bonding time with my mom. I missed her! The sight-seeing was fun, but I think everyone was more happy during shopping and eating time. We begged our tour guide/driver to bring us to eat durian… TWICE! LOL!

Here are several photos of the trip:


With my mom and sister at the hotel. <3


Our hotel. Perfect location, because it was in the middle of all the lovely shopping malls! XD Next time, I shall try one of the boutique hotels around the city.


Early Christmas Shopping
Posted on: 27th of December 2008 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

Hours before our flight back to Manila, we were roaming around Orchard for some last minute shopping. I still needed to buy a few more goodies for my family, and I also wanted to check out the newly opened Sephora before leaving.

The range of makeup brands at Sephora was rather disappointing. No Nars or Urban Decay. Sad, because those were the two brands that I was really looking forward to. =( At least they brought in their house brand, which were  priced quite reasonably.

I only had little time to check out their entire range, so I only walked out with two things: a Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in #28, and a Sephora Blush Me! Trio in Brun 12. These are going to my sister (because she begged for them), so I’ll have to make another trip to town to get my own. =P


I bought the Mac eye shadow in Shroom at Changi Airport. They were only selling at SGD22.90, as opposed to the SGD28 in town, so I just had to get a pot! Now I’m tempted to drop by there again when we fly back on the 3rd! =D Sorry for the not-so-pretty photo, the lighting in my room isn’t so nice. =P

This pretty brush set was also waiting for me when I arrived back home:


My Charm Travel Pro Set! They’re so pretty in pink! =)

I haven’t shopped for myself since we arrived in Manila, but I’m definitely going to treat myself before we leave.