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The life of a jobless Interior Designer =P
Posted on: 30th of July 2006 | Under: Geek Talk

The wonderful thing about not working is being able to loaf around and do anything as I please.

Since we got back from Singapore, I’ve been doing a lot of lazing. Sleeping in has no longer been a luxury. I love not having to drag myself early out of bed for a busy day at the office.

Most of my days have been spent sleeping in and going online as soon as I wake up.


But being on the computer almost the entire day doesn’t really mean that I’ve just been aimlessly surfing around. Well yes, I have been spending a considerable amount of time downloading stuff, watching funny videos on youtube, and bouncing from one site to another. But really, most of the time I look around for jobs, or fiddle around with AutoCAD. I do get bored (like mad!) and I am hoping to find the right job for me SOON.

Warning: Quite a lot of photos under the cut.


One Fun Night
Posted on: 25th of May 2006 | Under: Life & Love

Throughout the many years I’ve been blogging and making personal websites (almost 7 years!), I’ve already made quite a number of online friends. But, among the long list, I’ve only actually met a handful.

I love meeting new people and I get thrilled at just the thought of seeing all my online friends. But, most of those I’ve met in person were actually just accidental meetings. Bumping into them at the mall, at a restaurant, or even just seeing them from a distance. Rarely do I make actual plans of meeting up and getting together with anyone.

That’s why when I got a meesage from an online friend that he was in town, I quickly grabbed the opportunity and planned for a dinner date.

Wanna know who I met up with?


Saturday Night with my Family
Posted on: 7th of June 2003 | Under: Life & Love

Nothing beats the joy I get from spending Saturday evening with mom, dad and my sister. I love going out, bar hopping, dancing or simply hanging out with friends during weekends, but there’s something about bonding with my family that perks me up.

Yep, I spent this evening with my family (minus my brother, though). We just headed off to ATC for dinner. Had chicken and pasta. ;) Then we just went around window shopping.

Oh, Paolo Santos was performing by Starbucks too. I stayed and listened to him sing a couple of songs. Great voice. Great guitarist. I wouldn’t have minded standing the whole night to watch him… but everyone else was tired and didn’t want to stand with me. o_O;; So, yeh, we went home a couple of songs after his 2nd set.

I did take a couple of shots of him performing, though. They’re a little blury, but they’ll do.. ;)

Paolo singing… err, I forgot the title.. ^_^

blah, both pics are blury… I couldn’t get a decent shot. too many people! o_O;;

of course, my day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of coffee. caramel machiatto w/ hazelnut syrup. yum! ;)

errr, I just get annoyed when they spell my name with one “n”… it’s anNa, thank you very much. ^__^ hehehe…

Spending Time with Bestest
Posted on: 7th of May 2003 | Under: Life & Love

I’m not feeling too well. I woke up with a terrible headache and a gush of dizziness hit me as soon as I got up. o_O;; bleh! It’s the heat, I tell you.

I did have a great time yesterday, though. Bestest and I went out after her class. She picked me up at mom’s office and we headed off to the Podium. Lunch at Penang was great. It was obvious that Bestest was craving for something that reminded her of Brunei. I was a little disappointed, though. I wanted beef rendang, but like the last time I ate in Penang, beef rendang wasn’t available again. bleh!!! x_X;; I was bummed, but the chicken curry and the hainanese chicken was still satisfying.

Right after stuffing ourselves, we headed off to Starbucks to chit chat over some coffee, hot chocolate (for Bestest) and belgian waffles, topped with caramel syrup. yum! ;) For around 4 hours, we just sat there and babbled on about different things. Mostly about the old times back in Brunei and the people we missed. Chats like the one we had always make me feel perky. I hardly get to talk about Brunei, that’s why.

There’s no doubt about it, I’m highly nostalgic. Reminiscing about the good ol’ times is my cup of tea and I love it. It’s just great hanging with Bestest ‘coz she doesn’t care if I talk about Brunei the entire time. I think a lot of people get tired of hearing me ramble on about my past. I guess that’s why I tend to keep things to myself even if all I want to do is blab about how I miss people. I guess that’s why Bestest is around. She can put up with my nostalgia very well. ^^;; hehe.

I brought my camera along, but we didn’t get to take as many photos as we initially wanted. We didn’t even get a shot of the both of us together. Neither of us were in the “snapshot” mood, I guess. Although, I still managed to take a couple of shots of Bestest fooling around….

Bestest with her glasses. hehe..

cracking up about something I can’t even remember…

just a candid shot.

Bestest’s phone. I made and sent this picture message on her birthday last year… it’s still saved in her phone. ^^;;

hehe. I took a shot of myself when I got back to mom’s office. ^_^;;;

Errr, I’m being forced to click the “add this entry” button already, so here are a few plugs before I go. ;)

* is back up and running.
* Mel, ate Jannie, Nikz, Sam, MG, Joyce, ate Grace, Stephen, Yen, Eibee, Anna, Venice, Jeff, Jo, Danica, Claire and Mark. …those sweeties made my guestbook happy. ;)