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Summer Heat
Posted on: 23rd of April 2003 | Under: Life & Love

The heat has been such a pain. I love summer, but why does it have to be THIS HOT here?! I’ve been getting migraines and constant dizziness lately. Everywhere I go, it feels as if I’m standing in the middle of an oven. Unbearable heat, I tell you! I so wish I was strolling by the beach right now. For some reason, the hot weather doesn’t bother me, as long as I’m somewhere near water. Ahh, a little over a week more and I’ll be bumming by the beach already. wooh! I can’t wait! ;)

Oh my! Can this be for real?! I hear raindrops on the roof. wooh! It’s drizzling outside! yey, rain!! ^__^ That’s just perfect. This whole country needs to be hosed and cooled down. wooh!

Bleh! o_O;; I feel like running back to the comfort of my cold room. It’s way too hot in our pc room… But, before I go, I wanna share this piece of writing with you guys. If you’re single, I’m sure you’ll love it!! ::click::

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