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Posted on: 2nd of May 2003 | Under: Shoutous

Are you nostalgic? Do you tend to travel down memory lane quite a lot? Do you have enthusiasm for the wild? Are you fond of nature? A mysticist? Primitivist? Individualist? Sensible? Sentimental? Perhaps you have an unrestrained imagination or maybe you’re a nature lover and are sympathetic with animal life…

Hmmm, if you have at least 4 of the said qualities above, then ROMANTIQUE is the weblisting for you. ^___^

Nikz and I finally finished it. ;) Of course, our biggest thanks goes out to Kid, for being wonderful and for giving us the space needed for the weblisting. ^_,~;;

If you’re interested in joining, don’t hesitate. We’re a little strict when it comes to accepting members, but if you can proove that you are romantique, then you’re in! are you romantique? ;)

A Shoutout
Posted on: 18th of April 2003 | Under: Shoutous
Manong Bert!

mwahehehe! ^_,~;;
Go check out the gift Nikz and I made for the birthday boy! LOL!! XP


I slept the entire day today. I wasn’t feeling very well. I think I’ve been spending too much time online. Usually from late at night ’til dawn too. Oh well, chatting with whacked up people like me are always a treat, anyway. hehe. ^_,~;;

Here’s a survey that everyone’s been passing around thru e-mail…

Top Three…

three things that scare you:
* being alone in the dark
* being alone in an elevator… that elevator scene in the movie, The Eye, left me a negative vibe with elevators!! -_-
* being alone in general….

three things that make you laugh:
* corny jokes
* the way KB looks when he tries to put on a straight/serious face
* actually, I crack up at almost anything! ;)

three things you love:
* caramel!
* my family and friends (both online and offline) ^_,~;;
* the net!!! ^^;;

three things you hate:
* being alone…
* roaches!!! no smoochy smooch for me, thank you! LOL! :p
* hatred

three things you don’t understand:
* why some people can be so insensitive!! x_X;;
* why some people enjoy hurting others emotionally…
* hatred

three things on your desk:
* a stack of cd’s
* my wallet
* dictionary/thesaurus

right now you are:
* hyper … err, when am I ever not hyper? mwahehe…
* wearing an over-sized shirt
* giggling for no particular reason at all! o_O;; LOL!

three facts about you:
* i’m shallow
* easy to please
* loves caring and making others feel special.. ^_,~;;

three things you plan to do before you die:
* travel to places i haven’t been to yet…
* find “the one” *wink*wink* hehe
* go diving…

three things you can do:
* stay online the entire day!!!
* laugh, laugh and laugh even more… hehe
* pretend to be happy even if I’m really down and troubled.

three things you can’t do:
* cook a “real” meal. i’d rather bake. XP
* stay annoyed or mad at anyone longer than 24 hours.
* lie… my guilt and conscience have a great way of haunting me. o_O;;

three famous people you want to meet:
* Chad Kroeger of Nickelback… so I can hear him sing live with his husky voice! lol
* whoever created the internet…so I can bow down before him! hehe…
* errr, can’t think of anyone else right now. ;)

top 3 songs you currently like:
* “Why Don’t You & I” by Santana feat. Chad Kroeger.
* “You Belong To Me” by Jason Wade.
* “Somewhere In Between” by Lifehouse.

top 3 things that turn you on about your sex of choice:
* sense of humor
* great conversationalist
* killer smile! ^_,~;;

top 3 movies you watch all the time:
* Ever After
* Centerstage
* Never Been Kissed

top 3 things you say the most:
* seriously
* oh fudge
* sweetie

* New layouts- Itchy, Yam and Joyce.
* To my soulmate, Pauline, ‘coz we’re practically alike in so many ways… oh, and she finally got herself a blog too. ;)
* Stephen for a lovely chat the other morning.

New Domain!
Posted on: 4th of April 2003 | Under: Geek Talk
Wooh! Welcome, welcome! After months of itching to buy myself this domain, I finally did it! ^_^

Like I said in my last blog, over at my old site, spaced-in is expiring soon. A couple of weeks to go, Carlo said. So, yeh, I finally decided to get myself this. A gift for myself for getting thru the Basic Course in PSID, perhaps? Maybe. ^_,~

So, after hours of glueing my butt to the computer chair and staring at the monitor, I welcome you to the first version of this domain. *smiles*widely*