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Missing the Boyfriend… But, Thank God for Work!
Posted on: 17th of May 2007 | Under: Life & Love

JR has finally settled down in Singapore. I flew there with him for 8 days to help him buy things and fix his room. It was also the perfect opportunity for us to spend quality time together.

Being in a long distance relationship is no doubt difficult. Having him so far away is something that I haven’t completely grasped yet. I was having coffee at our favorite Starbucks Monday afternoon, and it felt so different not having him around. I kept finding myself glancing towards the door, expecting him to appear any minute. I kept searching through the crowd for the semi-bald-headed guy that would always greet me with glimmering eyes and a wide smile. I miss him so much, that words cannot even describe how I’m feeling.

I have to thank my new work, though. I started the day after I arrived back from Singapore, and I must say that it has helped me deal with the distance thing. Being busy and preoccupied the whole day has somehow veered me away from sulking. I’m also enjoying the new environment, my new officemates included, so at least I still have something to look forward to everyday. =)

Here’s a couple of pictures of JR and I Singapore:


@ a resto somewhere in Little India


@ Changi Airport before my flight back to Manila

Check out the rest of the photos in my Multiply. =P

New Challenges Await Me in May
Posted on: 24th of April 2007 | Under: Life & Love

I’m trying to savor every single minute that I have left of the month of April, because in May, there are two new life challenges in store for me.

The first challenge is the one I’m rather apprehensive about, because it entails being physically separated from the boyfriend for quite some time. I’m not just talking about being away from each other for a few weeks, I’m talking about months. Yes, MONTHS; JR‘s moving to Singapore for work.

I’m definitely happy and excited about him finally getting to work in Singapore. It’ll be a great opportunity for him, and I know the experience will do him good, both personally and career wise. But I’m also dreading it, because I know I will miss having him around. Sure, the internet, text messages and phone calls are there, but it’s just not the same as being able to hold and hug each other.

I’m going to miss our pig-out days, which is practically every time we see each other. I’m going to miss snuggling in each others arms. I’m going to miss people-watching while having coffee together. I’m going to miss wrapping my fingers around his. :(

On the other hand, the second challenge is quite exciting, because I will finally be working full-time. I know it will help ease things up a bit with the first challenge, because it’s a job that will occupy most of my time/days (it’s a 6-day work week!). It’ll be perfect. At least I have something to help distract me from the fact that JR will be far away.

I’m jittery about both challenges, but as early as now, I’m just taking things one day at a time.

I’ll also be flying with JR to Singapore for a week before he and I start our new jobs. It’ll be the perfect getaway. We definitely need that quality time together before we have to face our relationship miles away from each other.

Doing Nothing Tires Me
Posted on: 10th of May 2006 | Under: Life & Love

Bumming around can be exhausting. It’s been almost a month since I finished school and I have to say that I haven’t been doing much since then. I did manage to finish working on my mom’s company website (and got paid for it too!), but other than that, my days have been spent sleeping late and waking up way past noon.

Back during my school days I always vowed to do anything to have this lifestyle. I always hoped for a lazy day of just bumming around at home and doing absolutely nothing. But, after almost an entire month, I have to say that I’m tired of it.

Just yesterday, I finally took my mom’s offer to work at her office for 2 months.

Just 2 months because:

  1. I would go crazy if I had to work for my mom for too long.
  2. I just need the extra money for an out-of-the-country trip I’m going on mid July.
  3. I actually just need the job as I wait for my graduation proper on the 1st of July. I want to be an official graduate before getting a real Interior Design job.
  4. And lastly, the job isn’t even related to Interior Design.

The job is basically just helping the accountant with the filing of sales and book keeping. Plus, I’ll also handle a bit of graphic design for them: small jobs like invitations, posters… etc. The latter part is something that I’m looking forward to. At least I still get to do a little bit of designing.

I start next week and I’m actually excited. Oh, just anything to get me out of this house, really! XD

Birthday Greetings
Posted on: 21st of May 2003 | Under: Shoutous
Check out the gift I whipped up for her, from a couple of her online friends. ^_,~;; Go send her some loving, guys! ;)

Anyway, I’ll be a little preoccupied for the next couple of days (maybe even weeks). Yep, no more bumming around for me. I’ve been given a job project by my uncle. A deisgn job, that is. Yey! This is what I’ve been asking for all summer. I guess I’ll finally be busy again! I’m way psyched! ^_,~;;

My task is to design the lobby of a function hall. I have to do the plan layout, find the perfect furniture, decide on the color scheme, see which accessories would fit the design and do a dressed-up perspective of it. I’m glad that I can finally use the things I’m learning to good use.

I’m still a little edgy and nervous about the whole thing, though. It’ll be my first “real” design job. Yeh, I’m already used to making plans and designs, but this is different. This is for real. It’s going to be a design that’ll have an actual result. I’m gonna be really buying furniture and fixing up the whole place. I’ve been given a budget and I have to work with that. Plus, I’ll be dealing with real clients and have to present to them my design. sigh. It’ll be tough, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Besides, I know it’ll be a great experience. ^__^

So, yeh, expect less updates from me…. errr, as if I’ve been blogging much anyway. It seems as if I’ve been blogging only once a week. Oh well. ;)

Ok, I’m off to start on the designing. Wish me luck, guys! ^^;;