Caramoan Adventure
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These past couple of months, raves about the beauty of Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur have been sprouting the internet, that I mentally took note to add it to one of the places I want to see before I die. It was quickly ticked off my long list when I gladly accepted my friend’s invitation to join them on a trip there last month. It was a decision that I made on a whim, without even having to think twice. Another one of my carefree/happy-go-lucky spasm attacks, where I couldn’t have been more right, because not even a split second of disappointment lingered throughout the entire trip.

Two days and two nights was simply too short a time to be able to see all the islands in the area, but we managed to squeeze several in our agenda, experiencing the best adventure of our lives while at it.

The whole getaway was filled with surprising adventures left and right. From long boat rides, yellow wonderlands, tiresome hikes, motorbike rides, swimming under the rain, to heart-pumping tricycle rides on bumpy tracks of giant potholes. And of course, it was also filled with wonderful sceneries, joyous laughter and happy moments that will surely be etched in our memories forever.

And because I truly believe that pictures speak a thousand words, here are a ton of photos for your viewing pleasure. :)

Nina, me, Carlo

We survived the two-hour (+) boat ride from Sabang port to Guijalo port with our iPods and endless cam whoring. =P

Guijalo port boat ride

Finally at Guijalo port, but since it was low tide, we had to be transported to the dock in tiny boats. Here are the boys with Mr. boat man.

Nina and I

Nina and I under the lovely blue sky. :)

Photo-overload under the cut:

Villa Juliana Inn

Our home for two nights. Our yellow wonderland. It was the most affordable Inn on the island. Not too bad, except for the tiny bathroom… and the fact that the color yellow was practically following us everywhere. HAHA!

Fun rush!

On the way to Paniman beach for our first afternoon of island hopping. Impromptu motorbike ride =  Fun Rush!

Ready for the beach!

On our rented boat, ready for the lovely beaches!

Caramoan view

Abed, with the breathtaking view.

Matukad Beach

Our first stop: Matukad Beach. We didn’t stay here long, because the crew of Survivor Bulgaria was setting up on one portion of the island.

Lahos Island

Our next stop: Lahos Island. It rained when we got here, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the beach.

pre-sunset sky

Good thing we stayed, because soon enough, the clouds cleared up to a lovely pre-sunset sky. <3


Perfect weather for photo-ops. Here’s Milo, busy taking 360 panoramas of the island. Check out his amazing shots of Caramoan Islands here. 360 of Lahos beach here. :)

Minalahos Island

Our last stop for the day: Minalahos Island. Since it was already high tide by the time we arrived, there was only about 3sqm of the beach left visible. We ended up just enjoying the water before heading back to the Inn for dinner and an early night in bed.

good morning sunshine! :)

Day 2: After quite a heavy downpour that made us fret another wet weather, the lovely sun finally appeared to greet us. :)

bahay kubo

The beautiful countryside view that made us stop for a quick photoshoot. <3

lovely friends :)

Carlo, Shella, Nina, Milo and Abed.

I believe that 90% of any trip or vacation’s success goes to the company that you are with. These guys made me enjoy our Caramoan adventure more. Breathtaking views and beautiful adventures are nothing without fun friends to share them with. <3

Caglago Mountain

Our first stop for the day: Barangay Tabgon, where we climbed to the top of Caglago mountain to see the Mother of Peace Grotto. See the top of that mountain above? We climbed the 524+ steps all the way up there!

Mother of Peace Grotto

It was an extremely tiring climb. I already wanted to roll down the steps at one point! But we were persistent enough to reach the top (no exit signs!), so we continued until our efforts were paid off. Seeing this made it all worth it!

poofed out!

And of course, putting all the poise aside, I immediately flopped down to the grass as we reached the foot of the grotto. =P See how red my face turned? HAHA!


We were really tired! =P

We made it!

Only four of us made it to the top. Carlo and Shella barely made it to 100 steps, so they opted to walk back down and just wait for us. HAHA!

with the strong men!

Several times during the day (during low tide), Milo and Abed had to get off and push the boat. Yay to having strong men with us! LOL!


At Cotivas Island, where we ate our packed lunch. A quick siesta before heading out to burn under the sun.


Photo-op by the dead tree. FHM? LOL!

tres marias

Shella, Nina and I under the sun.

lovely weather!

I LOVED the weather that day!!! <3

gorgeous Cotivas Island!

The gorgeous Cotivas Island!!! <3

Bugtong Beach

Our third stop: Bugtong Beach.

I love the beach!

It was the perfect time to lounge on the sand with my book. <3 I eventually joined the rest of the guys in the water after I had enough of the skin roasting.

Sand Bar

Our final stop was the Sand Bar in front of Barangay Gugon. Situated several kilometers away from the nearest island, this sand bar is only visible during low tide. It was beautiful!!! <3

Beautiful beach, beautiful peeps!

I’m not kidding, it was really beautiful! So beautiful that we opted not to go to any of the other islands and just enjoyed our time there instead. It was the best spot for our beach shoot. =P

Milo, Shella, Abed and me

With Milo, Shella and Abed. :)


Carlo, Abed, me, Nina and Shella.


I love this group shot! :)

happy peeps!

That beach made us so happy, we wished we didn’t have to leave! :'(

Caramoan sunset

It was quite sad and painful having to end our island hopping and leave with this lovely sunset behind us. :(

goodbye yellow!

We left early morning the following day. Last photo in yellowland! =P

tanned and happy

Left the island a little tanned, and extremely happy. :)

Caramoan crew :)

The Caramoan crew on our last boat ride. It was one helluva trip, and these guys really made it more awesome! <3 <3 <3

We took a gazillion photos during the getaway (we had five cameras with us!) and frankly, it was quite difficult having to pick only several to share here. I was itching to post all of them! Haha!

Some note-worthy memories:

  • We managed to bump into one of the locals who happened to be a distant relative of one of Shella’s friends. He took us around and showed us the nice and less populated spots.
  • I loved how the islands weren’t packed at all. We managed to spend time in ALL of the islands we visited all by ourselves. It made the whole experience more intimate. Definitely better than overcrowded beaches like Boracay.
  • The tricycle ride to Paniman beach (and back) where the unpaved road was full of huge muddy holes! It left us clinging to each other, silently praying that our ride wouldn’t topple over. =P
  • Playing pusoy dos in bed after dinner. Then managing to squeeze the six of us in two queen size beds, where we slept like sardines for two nights. HAHA!
  • Taking loads of underwater photos and videos! Thanks to Carlo’s lovely camera! :) I compiled some of them into the music video that I made with all the other videos. View video here.
  • Our laughing spells. I just loved spending every minute with the bunch! :)

Sigh. Our Caramoan Adventure was truly one vacation to remember. <3

But, our expedition didn’t really end with Caramoan. A post on our Bicol escapade will follow. SOON. :)

** More photos in my Multiply.
** Some photos grabbed from Carlo,
Milo and Nina.

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26 Comments to “Caramoan Adventure”

  1. Reg says:

    Great pics! Looks like a place to visit. I’ll remember that!

    anna Reply:

    Reg: It is! A must place to visit. :)

    mavic Reply:

    was searching for travel trips to caramoan and found your site. great pics! me and 2 of my friends are scheduled to visit Bicol on July 4 and we are thinking of targeting Caramon for this trip. We went to Bicol last 2007 and went butanding watching.

    Ala backpackers ba ang visit nyo sa Caramon? Think it is wise to do it that way or reserve everything ahead of time na? Would you be able to tell me an estimate budget that we have to prepare for this adventure?


  2. ella says: nice anna..

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Ella! :)

  3. abed says:

    the talented anna!! nice nice… =)

    anna Reply:

    Abed: Aww, thank you! :)

  4. Answerte naman ng crumpler may kaakap.

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  7. Kath says:

    Hi just want to ask how much it cost u guys for the caramoan trip. Coz my bf and I are planning to go there this nov for 3d/2n

    Nice pics by the way. Makes me more excited to go there =)

    anna Reply:

    Kath: Hi! Our Caramoan trip wasn’t as expensive as we initially thought. Lodging at Villa Juliana is about P850 per night, while the island hopping costs about P1,500 to P2,500 per day. Food was relatively cheap. Just don’t forget to bring food, especially your lunch, when you go island hopping, as there won’t be anywhere to buy once you leave the main island. Villa Juliana arranged our packed lunch for us. :)

    All in all we spent about P3,000 to P3,500 per person for 2 nights stay. But that’s because we were in a group of 6, so the cost of lodging and the boat rental was equally divided among us. :) Hope that helps. Enjoy Caramoan! :)

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  13. Recy del Mundo says:

    hi ana! long time no see!:) last time i saw you was in tipi’s house pa? and now you’re in sing na! how fun! hehe..:)

    by the way, i stumbled upon your site bec my officemates and i are planning to go to caramoan this nov. when my officemate sent me this link, i was pleasantly surprised to see you! hehe..great pics by the way! looked like you guys had so much fun!:D it made me more excited to go! hehehe..:)

    thanks for posting ana! its been great seeing your pics and getting a glimpse of the beauty of cam sur! God bless wherever you are! see you around! :D

    anna Reply:

    Recy: Hey!!! What a pleasant surprise for you to randomly stumble into my blog nga! Hehe! And yeah, two years ago pa ata yun during Stef’s birthday. It’s been a while! Stef was actually thinking of joining us on that trip. Di lang sya natuloy in the end. I’m sure you’ll love Caramoan! It’s so so beautiful, we didn’t want to leave! We really wished we could have stayed longer. There were so many other islands that we missed eh! The whole trip left us with a big Caramoan hangover that lasted for weeks! :) Have fun and God Bless! :)

  14. Timmy Sebas says:

    [recy! haha, huli ka balbs!
    hi anna, makikigulo lang..tsk tsk… aq ung makulit n nag send ng link kay recy, i didn’t knw friend k pla nya haha.
    nakaka excite n nga recy… 3 weeks to go!
    mukang hangover trip ntin hanggang Christmas… haha!]

    btw, nice blog about caramoan, nakaka-excite na pumunta! haha

    anna Reply:

    Timmy: Hello! =P Glad you stumbled into my blog. Haha! Small world! Enjoy Caramoan! I’m sure you guys will love it just as much as we did. :)

  15. van123 says:

    anna can I ask the contact info’s of villa juliana inn?

    anna Reply:

    Hi there! I think they have their contact number posted on their Multiply site: …Try contacting Roger, he’s the owner.

  16. khaye says:

    hi there.. me and my shiobe are planning to go in Caramoan too.. can we ask for some advice? :)

    its only the 2 of us will go there.. we’ve been to Pundaquit last week and it was an amazing trip, and we’re planning to do it again of course in a different island. :)

    we want to stay there maybe for 2D/1N, how much do you think it will cost us?..

    TIA! :D

    nice photos btw! you can contact me at 09164808046
    i’ll be waiting! thanks! :D

    anna Reply:

    Hi Khaye. I’m not sure about the rates now, but when I was there last year, boat ride from Sabang Port to Guijalo Port (Caramoan) was about Php120 (same rate going back). We stayed at Villa Julliana, and their rooms were about Php850 per night. Renting a boat for island hopping can cost from Php1,200 to Php2,500 per day. Food is relatively cheap. If you’re staying for 1 night, I guess around Php2,000 to Php3,000 would be more than enough. :)

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