We Did It!
Posted on: 22nd of February 2010 | Under: Life & Love, Our Wedding

After six years and four months, we finally got married last February 17, 2010! :)

Well, it’s not the church wedding yet (that’s scheduled for the first part of 2011), but our Registration of Marriage in Singapore. Similar to a Civil Wedding, the whole ceremony was quite short and simple. However, the entire family (except for JR‘s younger brother) flew in, so it turned out to be quite a nice celebration nevertheless.

My sister did my makeup:

Makeup artist in action!

I sat in front of our bedroom window and placed a portable mirror so I could see the makeup application progress. =P

The venue of our solemnization at the Serangoon Community Centre allowed us to invite up to a dozen guests. Quite a small amount, but we didn’t mind because we intended on having an intimate ceremony anyway.

Our parents stood behind us as we exchanged our vows.

JR’s mom, my mom, and my dad standing behind us.

And as we exchanged rings.

Sealing our vows with an exchange of rings.

Signing our Marriage Certificate.

The whole ceremony took just a little over ten minutes. It would have actually been shorter, if only Mr. Long, our solemnizer, didn’t recite our full names every single time he had to call us. He already had a hard time pronouncing our names in the first place, he could have just called us by our first names or something. =P

With our solemnizer, and our witnesses: Kuya Vic and Carla.

We did it!!! :)

The Ignacio Family (minus Mark).

The Avanceña Family.

Our other witnesses: Tita Chippy, April, Kenn and Mel.

After the ceremony, we all headed to Triple Three at Meritus Mandarin Hotel for a sumptuous dinner buffet.

I had plate after plate of delectable goodies.

My first plate. Their Japanese spread was yum-oh! I kept going back! =P

Plate no. 2. The wagyu beef was so tender! I had a few more plates, but I don’t remember exactly how many! HAHA! I’ve had dreams of becoming a food taster. Earning a living by eating food, now wouldn’t that be the most awesome job ever?! =P

My favorite part of the meal! =D I was so stuffed that I was only able to try these sweets.

The food was delish! The service was awesome too! The restaurant manager, upon hearing about our ROM, even treated us to a glass of champagne each!

Free champagne! :)

Cheers! Thanks to Kenn’s awesome PR skills! Hehehe!

We were all stuffed and satisfied. Triple Three was definitely a great place to celebrate our night. :)

My family was happy too! :)

Mommy May, Kuya Vic, Mel and Bel.

The whole group. :)

We ended the night with more photo-taking before heading home.

The ladies.

Thanks for coming, guys! :)

It has been five days. I still can’t believe we’re married now. I don’t feel much different, except for that tinge of excitement that creeps up every time I think about our future together. The happiness just keeps on piling up! :) It makes me want to celebrate our love every single day. I can’t wait for our church wedding next year. I can’t wait to start making a family of our own.  :)

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27 Comments to “We Did It!”

  1. Nikz says:

    Aww I’m excited for you too!!! ^___^ Congrats again!

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Nikz! :) Hehe!

  2. ate janz says:

    congrats again and you guys had a beautiful registration of marriage ceremony. i’m so happy for you both. :) you and JR looked like a celebrity couple, BTW. loved your dress and makeup too. (your sis does really excellent makeup.) :D best wishes to both of you. :D

    anna Reply:

    Aww, thanks for the compliments, Ate Janz! :) I was actually a little hesitant letting my sis do my makeup. She likes putting on a lot (as in dark eyes, etc), but I tend to go for the more neutral look. But yeah, I was able to get her to do the look I wanted… I didn’t even have to retouch! Hehe! Thanks again! :)

  3. Elaine says:

    Wow! congratulations! :) as always huli na naman ako sa balita. :D

    anna Reply:

    Hehe, thanks Elaine! :)

  4. Lei says:

    Congrats to JR & best wishes to you :)

    I’m both happy and excited for the two of you. May you stay in love forever :D

    anna Reply:

    Thanks so much, Lei! :)

  5. Maria Celina says:

    You looked gorgeous at your civil ceremony. =) We’re all counting down with until the Church Day next year! =D

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Marzy! :) I’m counting down with ya! :)

  6. Nadz says:

    Ate Annaaaa! Waaaah! Congrats!!!! I don’t know if you remember me back in the old blogging days pero woooooow! You’re married na!! (Saw your site through Tina’s, btw. Optimystique talaga forever :P)

    Congrats again!

    anna Reply:

    Nadz!!! Hey, of course I remember you! :) How are you? I haven’t heard from you in ages! =P Hehe, yup! Civil pa lang, next year pa yung church wedding. :) Hehe!

  7. chetz says:

    Wooho!! Finally!! After being together for so long.. it’s about time. I’m so happy for you guys!! Congrats and best wishes…. Isn’t it great to be called Mrs. Scrufus? hehehee.

    anna Reply:

    Hahaha! Mrs. Scrufus, that’s new… I like it! =) Hehehe! It’s about time, indeed! I’m excited for the church wedding. :) Hehe! Thanks, Ate Chetz!

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  9. nancy says:

    congrats anna! great pictures! :) u look so beautiful on your special day! wish u and ur hubby belated wedluck and stay inlove always!

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Nancy! :)

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  11. w.s. says:

    grabe! i’m so happy for you! i’m glad people can still feel this kind of romance. you make me believe things can still turn out good for anyone.

    Congrats!! and may you have a lifetime of happiness and love and friendship.

    anna Reply:

    Aww, thanks dear! :)

  12. pammy says:

    congratulations! this is awesome!!! :D

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Pam! :)

  13. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  14. pia says:

    Late na ko, but congratulations! :)

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Pia! :)

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  16. You you should change the blog subject title We Did It! Daily Optimystique to more generic for your webpage you create. I loved the the writing still.