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A Beautiful Miracle
Posted on: 4th of November 2012 | Under: Baby Tales, Life & Love

**This will be my attempt to look back and share our whirlwind experience giving birth to a premature baby. Zoë’s NICU time, which lasted two and a half months(!), was a series of ups and downs. Most of it was really scary, but in the end, Zoë proved to be a great fighter. She is now a happy one-year-old, so loud and active, it’s hard to believe she came into the world so tiny and fragile.**


We are blessed. So very blessed, because God gave us a beautiful miracle in the form of a baby girl.

Zoë Sofia
Our precious gift.

No one can ever be prepared to give birth two and a half months too early. She wasn’t meant to arrive until November 2011. Eleven-elven-eleven, the day that we were looking forward to. I had pictured myself making that drive with my husband to the emergency room, armed with our hospital bag essentials. I had even planned on bringing my camera to the delivery room, hoping that one of the nurses could document her arrival. But all that went down the drain when our little girl decided that she wanted to come out early.


We’re Pregnant!
Posted on: 26th of March 2011 | Under: Baby Tales, Life & Love

Setting aside all wedding posts for a while to make a little announcement:


We’re pregnant!

Call it woman’s intuition, but I already had a feeling that I was pregnant as soon as we arrived back in Singapore. I had been very sluggish and all I wanted to do was sleep all day. Heightened sense of smell, tummy cramps and a missed period, the signs where there. But for almost two weeks, I just pushed the thought aside, thinking that I was just extremely tired from the wedding. That, and I seriously thought I was just being my lazy self again. =P

When I finally woke up feeling dizzy and nauseous, I knew it was time for a home pregnancy test. Two positive sticks and a trip to the Ob-Gyn later, it was finally confirmed. :)

We’re about 5 weeks into the pregnancy (we think it’s a wedding night baby), but I’m still not used to being bloated all the time. I have a slight baby bump, but not yet big enough for plus size intimate apparel. LOL! The past week was quite difficult, with the morning sickness hitting me practically all day, everyday. For once in my life, I didn’t want to eat anything, because everything I put in my mouth just wanted to be hurled out again. I’m finally better now and I think my appetite is back. I just have to remember all the pregnancy no-nos, because apparently there are a gazillion and one of them.

We still have a long way to go, but we’re already very excited to meet the little one in November. <3<3<3