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Seventh Anniversary Giveaway WINNERS
Posted on: 1st of May 2010 | Under: Geek Talk, Shoutous

Thank you to all those who joined my first ever Blog Giveaway. :)

I was thrilled with the wonderful response from all the bloggers out there. From the forty people who joined, only about seven are people I already know. The rest, I guess, are either silent readers or new readers too. Either way, I had a lovely time going around the different blogs of those who commented. This contest was a great way for me to finally do some blog hopping. And that’s something I haven’t done in YEARS!

I’m so excited to give away these moleskines, because I want to let others experience the love for these notebooks. I reckon they’re truly the best gift for any occasion!

And now, I’m happy to finally announce the winners, randomly selected thru :)

Winner of the Plain Pocket Moleskine Notebook:

Entry Number 7!

Thiamere! Congratulations, you won the Plain Pocket Moleskine Notebook! :)


And for the Watercolour Moleskine Notebook, the winner is:

Entry Number 30!

Teeyah! Congratulations, you won the Watercolour Moleskine Notebook! :)


Congratulations, ladies! :) I’ll contact both of you soon to get your delivery addresses, so don’t forget to check your email.

Again, thanks to those who joined! Keep reading, because I plan to have another giveaway sometime in the future. :)

To Someone Special
Posted on: 18th of April 2009 | Under: Life & Love, Shoutous

Almost every year, I try to come up with online gifts for the boyfriend‘s Birthday. It has somehow become a yearly tradition of mine. The first couple of years, I was always eager to come up with different things to surprise him, but I lost the creativity and drive to create them for the past three years. Those were also the years that I spent very little time on my internet life and more time on my actual one, so I guess I somehow had an excuse. =P

For the benefit of those who weren’t present in those creative years of mine, here’s the list of the “online gifts” that I gave him:

  • 22nd Bday – This was actually before we got together. =P One of the many “projects” Rachel and I did. =D
  • 23rd Bday -Made this with the help of Rachel again. =D
  • 24th Bday – A simpler one-page greeting.
  • 25th Bday – Just a blog greeting.
  • 26th Bday – I didn’t make anything online =P
  • 27th Bday – No online gift again. But I flew here to Singapore to spend several days with him. I was still working back in Manila then.

Today is his 28th Birthday. For my online gift this year (I finally had some time on my hands!), I compiled greetings from a handful of his family and friends. A total of 46 greetings this time! =D

Check it out:


Click on photo to launch Birthday gift.


Happy 25th!
Posted on: 18th of April 2006 | Under: Shoutous

Bebe 25Happy Birthday to the most patient person I know. You know you’re the only one who can put up with my weird and unpredictable mood swings. XP

Thanks for comforting me and making me laugh today – every single day, actually. :)


Make him happy, guys! :)

A Birthday Gift
Posted on: 18th of April 2004 | Under: Shoutous

My bebe turned 23 today. =)

Every year, Nikz and I whip up a little something for him. Last year, we made him a fan site. ^^;; This year however, we made him this. =)

I hope you liked it, my dear! ^^;;

Of course, the credits should go to Nikz . She practically did the whole tweaking with the pics and layout. hehe. Now I owe her a treat of starbucks everyday when she comes back here! LOL!

Anyway, I had a great time with him and his friends last night. He just had a little gathering at his house. It was pretty obvious that I was up to something. I kept on disappearing into his room to use the computer (to check up on nikz and “the projet”). haha! Oh well. XP



wooh! ;)

his face got cut off! hehe!

yeh, we love the camera! ;)


Wasn’t able to take pictures with the others. The battery of my camera ran out before everyone else arrived! 8-} haha! XP

Oh, and this is an extra gift. ^___^;;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my bebe! I love you! :)