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The Ampatuan (Maguindanao) Massacre: Violence Ad Nauseum
Posted on: 30th of November 2009 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

A day after Efren Peñaflorida’s CNN Hero of the Year Award, the whole country was instantly robbed of its moment of pride when news of a ruthless crime that took place in Maguindanao alarmed the entire nation. 57 Dead in The Ampatuan (Maguindanao) Massacre.

This interactive map and timeline follows the hurriedly, but obviously planned, execution of the massacre.

Philippines Hostages Killed

Photos quickly spread all over the internet, showing the result of the gruesome crime. It breaks my heart (time so search for affordable health insurance?) every time I see the massacre photos.

It irks me knowing that the underlying core to the brutality is nothing but the excessive Lust for Political Power. The suspected mastermind: The Ampatuan warlord clan, known to be favored and protected by none other than President GMA herself. Even more appalling is the evidence pointing persons from the government’s own military and police as direct perpetrators too.

What a shame!

I bleed at the thought of the defenseless victims being tortured like animals to their deaths. It just sickens me how anyone is capable of committing such a horrendous and merciless act. Calling the perpetrators inhumane and barbaric isn’t even enough. Only the works of a monster can be associated to a crime like that!

Violent killings are reported to be “a common thing” in Mindanao. Especially in association with politics. But the mere fact that murder in Mindanao is generalized and accepted as “a common thing” is wrong in itself. Why must we tolerate such acts and just accept that they are common? Doesn’t the Philippine law strictly condemn and enforce a strong hand against crimes, most especially heinous ones like these? Clearly, the government has failed (again and again!) in implementing the rule of law in maintaining peace, justice and order in Mindanao.

I just hope this ordeal can serve as a wake up call for our government. May they put personal and political relationships aside and transparently investigate/prosecute every single person (even members of the security force too) responsible.  Justice must be served!

Typhoon Ondoy
Posted on: 1st of October 2009 | Under: Life & Love

Last Saturday, typhoon Ondoy brought mighty rains that caused destructive floods in several towns and cities in Metro Manila. The normal amount of one month’s worth of rainfall was experienced in a span of just six hours!

The Philippines, being an archipelagic country, is generally no stranger to occasional flooding; Especially during this time of the year when minor flooding is almost always expected in several areas. However, the entire metro was taken by surprise when Ondoy’s wrath struck rapidly from city to city.

In Parañaque, half our village was submerged in murky water. In only a few minutes, water was already waist deep outside our gate! The water rose faster than we had imagined that we had to abruptly stop in the middle of our lunch to start lifting furniture and other equipments to higher spots.  Thankfully, both our houses were spared with the flood only reaching our garage and stopping a mere three inches below our front door.

Flooded Outside Our Gate

Outside our gate. Water rose a little higher after a few minutes.

It was an even bigger blessing for our village, because after only two to three hours, water began subsiding already. By then, we were able to walk outside of our house to inspect the damage to our village.

Still Flooded

The street next to ours was still heavily flooded. If you can see our village chapel at the end of the street, water almost reached the roof!

Cars Parked on High Ground

Dozens of cars were parked in this higher part of the village (to save themselves from having to hire car/rv towing services). Several people from BF were also caught in the flood, that they had to take temporary shelter in our neighbor’s house until the water went down.

Our Flooded Street

Our street, with about 40% of the water gone.

Dozens of our neighbors were  left stranded in their flooded homes. By our village gate, water was almost one storey high!

When the water started going down, we took two families, including a nine-month-old baby boy, into our home. They were stuck and locked in on the second floor of their houses, because grills were secured on their windows. To save themselves, they had to pull out their air conditioners and climb out of the tiny holes

They showered, rested and shared with us their stories and fears during the most crucial time of the flooding. And before they left (the water completely subsided by around 8pm), we shared a candlelit dinner.

Waiting Out The Storm

Waiting out the storm in the dark.

What our village experienced was nothing compared to the other areas affected. People were stuck in their flooded houses, some even on their roofs, two stories high. Others were even stranded in their submerged homes with no food to eat for up to three whole days!

Ondoy’s Trail of Fury c/o gomanio. This video breaks my heart every time I watch it. :'(

Hundreds and thousands of Filipinos have been victimized by Ondoy’s fury. As of this moment, death tolls have already reached 247! There are even areas that are still submerged in water.

What’s even more saddening is that, less than a week after the tragedy of Ondoy, several other countries have already experienced natural disasters of their own. More flooding, tsunamis and earthquakes.

I am fervently hoping and praying that the worst is over. :'(

President Cory Aquino’s Funeral Cortege
Posted on: 8th of August 2009 | Under: Life & Love

From ten thirty in the morning, we waited for almost nine hours before the convoy arrived in Sucat. Six of those hours were spent lounging around in Starbucks, while the rest of it was spent outside with the crowd. It would have been a total bore waiting that long, but armed with our laptops and netbooks, we occupied ourselves with updates of the funeral march thru twitter and live stream videos online.

By the time the convoy reached Sucat, it was already dark. And because my digicam couldn’t take any decent shots in the dark, I opted to video the march instead.

Here’s a short clip of the convoy when they passed by us:

What an uplifting experience it was being there. Seeing the big crowd who left their homes just to be able to take a glimpse of President Cory for one last time, showed how much she was truly loved. Again, just the way she did during the 1986 People Power Revolution, she successfully united the Filipinos together: young and old, rich and poor.

The outpouring love was overwhelming as people patiently waited for hours amidst the strong rains. To us out in the streets, the exhaustion was simply a small sacrifice to be able to honor the woman who brought back democracy in the country.

Waiting for President Cory’s Convoy
Posted on: 5th of August 2009 | Under: Life & Love

Living in Sucat sure does have its advantages. Today we drove just a few minutes and parked by Santana Grove as we wait for President Cory’s convoy pass by. We were lucky enough to get a prime spot parking right by Sucat road that we hope would be close enough to be able to take a glimpse of such a wonderful person, before the whole Philippines lay her to rest.

Passed by Manila Memorial Park, and witnessed the crowd building up, even with the heavy rain present.


This banner was also up outside the cemetery:


My mom, sister and I are waiting in Starbucks, along with a handful of other people. The crowd here is building up too.

Here’s my mom in sis in yellow:


And my sis and I with our balloons:


We’re all anticipating her arrival in Sucat. From the growing crowd in the streets all over the metro, it truly proves how much President Cory Aquino was loved.