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Photos of My Life No. 7: My Gadgets
Posted on: 16th of December 2010 | Under: Life & Love

Taking some time off wedding planning, here’s an overdue post on my seventh Photos of My Life: My Gadgets, as requested by Vince (duhdoctor) on Twitter.

Productivity and Gaming:

  • iPhone 3GS: This was the hubby’s old iPhone, before he upgraded to an iPhone 4. I don’t plan on upgrading, until they release the white iPhone! :)
  • Blackberry Curve 8320: I had a short love affair with Blackberries before I switched to the iPhone. I gave up on it when it started slowing down and dying unexpectedly. I use it as an extra phone now.
  • Motorola V3 in hot pink: This phone is almost 5 years old and should really retire soon, but I still use it as an extra phone when traveling.
  • iPod Touch: This is actually the hubby’s, but he passed it on to me when he got his first iPhone. I used it mainly as a gaming device. =P
  • iPod Nano: The hubby got this for me several Christmases ago. :)
  • Nintendo Game Boy Micro: I only play Mario Brothers on this =D
  • 13″ Macbook Pro: Replaced my old White Macbook for this last year.
  • iPad: This makes browsing on the internet easier and more convenient while in bed. Great for reading e-books, and an awesome gaming device too. I’m currently addicted to Jenga HD. =P We’re also using this for our wedding reception. :)


  • Fisheye 2: I’ve had this since last year, but I haven’t had time to use it. :(
  • Vivitar PN2011: I used to use this a lot. Makes pretty panoramic photos.
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S: I bought this to replace my polaroid when they stopped making films. This develops smaller prints than the real polaroid, but I love it just the same.
  • Canon Ixus 80 IS: My trusty point and shoot. It’s two years old, but it still takes pretty photos. :)
  • Holga 120 CFN: I love Lomography and the pretty photos it develops. Haven’t used this in ages, because thanks to iPhone apps, I get to digitally process my photos looking like lomo shots now.

  • Polaroid Spirit 600. This is love! I still have one unused film, which I’m saving to use on a special occasion. I have a Polaroid i-Zone too, but I left that in Manila.

  • What I use most of the time: Canon 350 D and extra 50mm lens. This still works like a charm, but we really should upgrade soon! :)

What about you guys, what gadgets do you use?

** For more photo requests, please comment in my Photos of My Life post. **

April Updates
Posted on: 16th of April 2008 | Under: Artsy Fartsy
  1. I received my 5 free moleskines from Italy (thanks to Marsida Shyti) yesterday. :) I have yet to get photos of the actual exhibit.
  2. I got my Vivitar PN2011 from Mikko early in the month! :) A few bloggers / photography enthusiasts met at Abea, Serendra for dinner. It was nice finally meeting old online friends, and meeting new ones as well. I went shutter happy and used up 2 films in 3 days!
  3. It’s been a great month at work. My best month, in terms of performance, so far. And it’s only the middle of the month! :)
  4. I fly off to Singapore on Thursday. Lots of activities with JR! I am so excited! :)

Photo time:


Free goodies! :)


Bloggers / Photography Enthusiasts unite!


THE WHEEL. One of my favorite shots using my Vivitar PN2011 and an expired Konica Centuria 400.

April, Here I Come!
Posted on: 31st of March 2008 | Under: Life & Love

Things that I’m looking forward to in April:

  1. Getting photos of the London Book Fair, where my Moleskine Art will be exhibited. I already sent my sketchbook to Milan. :)
  2. The 5 new moleskines that I’ll be receiving for free! Yey!
  3. Meeting up with Mikko and a few other camera lovers on the 3rd. I finally get my first ever lomo cam (Vivitar PN 2011)! I’ve been itching to get one for months, and I just couldn’t stop myself any longer. =P
  4. My trip to Singapore for JR‘s birthday. I can’t wait!!!
  5. Getting my Holga 120 CFN when I get to Singapore. <3
  6. Spending quality time (5 days!) with JR. <3 Lots of hugs waiting! :)
  7. Shopping galore!!!!
  8. A good month at work. I’m expecting really positive clients in April.