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MAC Spring Color Forecast Goodies
Posted on: 24th of March 2010 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I promised myself that I would try to stay away from makeup shopping for a year, but MAC Cosmetic’s Spring Color Forecast just looked too interesting to let pass. Actually, I would have probably ignored this collection entirely if it weren’t for my sister‘s constant prodding to buy her some goodies since stocks had already been wiped clean on the first day it was out in Manila. So, being the good sister that I am (plus the excuse of going to town to do some shopping! LOL!), I went to MAC on the day of the collection’s launch in Singapore.

Now, I normally don’t buy limited editions, because I dislike the idea of not being able to buy the same item once my stash runs out, but when I saw and swatched the Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach, I just couldn’t put it down! I ended up buying one each for my sister and I, plus one Blush Ombre in Springshine for my sister.

MAC Blush Ombre in Springshine (for my sister) and Ripe Peach.


Smith’s Rosebud Salve
Posted on: 7th of March 2010 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I dropped by Sephora last week to pick up some goodies for my sister, when I finally grabbed a tin of Smith’s Rosebud Salve for myself.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

I wasn’t really planning on buying anything, since we’re trying to budget our spending to be able to save up for our church wedding expenses next year. However, while I was paying for my sister’s goodies, I saw the tin of miracle salve calling out to me by the cashier. I knew I had to put aside the “saving mentality” for a few minutes and allowed myself to treat myself. :)

This world-famous salve is a multi-purpose miracle wonder! It can be used as a simple lip balm, or to help relieve several skin conditions/irritations such as itches, rashes, blemishes, and rough cuticles. I even use it to moisturize my dry hands when I’m out and about. The Rosebud Salve is something that I have been lemming for a while now, so I’m glad I gave in to buying it. It was a good choice on my part, because now I just can’t leave the house without it!

Mattress Shopping
Posted on: 1st of February 2010 | Under: Life & Love

We generally spend a third of our lives in bed. To be honest, I enjoy sleeping just as much as I love art, reading and eating. I am one of those people who can literally spend an entire day snuggled under my covers. However, getting a good rest doesn’t really come that easily, especially when you don’t have the perfect mattress to pair it with.

The fiancé and I have been suffering from back aches and poor sleep for the past couple of weeks. The foam mattress that comes with our flat had already worn out its lifespan. It was sagging in all corners, and since we also have a leather bed frame, having a foam mattress made it a little too warm (even with the air-conditioner on full blast!) to sleep. So, we finally quit putting off buying a new mattress for our own sake.

We initially wanted the same Ikea sprung mattress we bought for JR‘s old single sized bed almost three years ago. But considering that we don’t really live in our own place and that our housing is somewhat temporary, we figured it would be better to scout for a more affordable alternative.

After searching online, I found, an online store that carries affordable beds and mattresses. Now, I normally wouldn’t entertain the thought of buying a mattress without seeing and trying the actual product, but seeing the number of positive feedback on the site and the numerous blogs boasting about their products and service, JR and I agreed to try it out.

The Wasaly Luxury Mattress caught our attention. With over 360+ positive reviews, we knew it was already a winner even if we hadn’t even tried the actual mattress for ourselves. For only SGD150 (about Php4,900+ or USD106), complete with free delivery, we quickly made our online order with just a few clicks. Aside from the convenient ordering process, another advantage is its payment option. Unlike most online shops, payment for orders are not done online (yes, no credit card details needed!).  Instead, cash or check payments are more than acceptable upon delivery.

Delivery of our mattress was scheduled between four to five in the afternoon last Friday (less than forty-eight hours after we made our online order!). The delivery crew ran a bit late, and from my own experience with deliveries in my old job in Manila I know there are a million and one unforeseen circumstances that can happen during delivery, so I wasn’t the least bit peeved at the delay. Instead, I just called customer service to find out about the tentative time of delivery. The lady I spoke to was more than gracious and helpful to call me back to let me know the delivery status, and after another call from the actual delivery crew, our mattress finally arrived.

We’re happy to report that our new mattress does not disappoint. No more back aches! It’s not too firm, nor is it too soft. Every night has definitely been a good night’s sleep for both of us. The only down side is that it’s more difficult to get out of bed every single morning! =P

Our new Wasaly Luxury Mattress was certainly worth every cent. :)

Makeup Haul from Mother Dear
Posted on: 3rd of October 2009 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I said I was going on a makeup hiatus for a while, but Mom flew to Vancouver last month, and because my cousin gets discounts, I just couldn’t resist! She bought me the following goodies:

Loads of Makeup!!!

Mostly MAC!!! <3

concealer and eye shadows

Studio Finish Concealer in NC30 (‘coz my pot’s almost empty!), and Eye Shadows in: Goldmine, Amber Lights and Nocturnelle.

Swatched: Goldmine, Amber Lights and Nocturnelle

Swatched: Goldmine (I’ve been lemming this for a while now, but it’s not available in either Singapore, Philippines or Malaysia!), Amber Lights, and Nocturnelle.