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Blog Redesign
Posted on: 4th of February 2010 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

After almost three years, my “Dance Like No One’s Watching” layout has finally retired. Yes I know, it was about time, right?

This new layout is right in tune with the changes that are about to happen in my life.  Like my anticipation for those wonderful changes, I’m just as ecstatic to see this design finally up and running.

All graphics and images used on this layout were designed entirely by me. Most of the images were recycled from my previous moleskine paintings, while the vector images were made using VectorDesigner.

To be honest, I actually finished the main layout design early last year (almost nine months ago, to be exact!). But I only had the time to fix everything up this week. The fiance also helped me code the layout into a working WordPress theme and patiently addressed errors that I kept on making while editing small details. I think it’s about time that I refresh my knowledge on HTML and CSS. It seems that I now know very little about coding. =P

Anyway, please excuse any broken links, if there are any. All the major parts of the blog should be working fine now, but there are still a few areas that I haven’t finished tweaking.

Web Design: Bedazz!
Posted on: 26th of January 2010 | Under: Artsy Fartsy, Geek Talk

It has been over ten years since my first love affair with web design. The first few years of that decade was spent enthusiastically designing different layouts for personal websites and blogs I maintained all over the internet. However, the last half saw very little creative juices output on my my part, not necessarily due to the lack of spark plug juices (although, I did seem to run out of ideas for a while), but more of the fact that I had become more active in my offline life.

I enjoy spending more time in “the real world” but every once in a while, I do miss sitting in front of the monitor wracking my brain for hours until I came up with layouts to suit my liking.

Since my sister was planning to launch a Multiply site for her very own set of makeup brushes, Bedazz, I took the opportunity and volunteered to help her design the whole site from start to finish.

I quickly staged a late-night photo shoot, with my sister as the model. Our very own living room was turned into a makeshift studio, with one of our table lamps used as soft lighting.

My sister posing with one of her brushes.

We then had a quick product shoot the following afternoon in our garage, using the sun’s natural light.

Bedazz Stippling Brush

And with all the graphics and images ready, I spent several hours designing and fiddling with template codes.

The outcome?

A simple Black and White layout with just a few embellishments here and there.

Bedazz Header.

I took more time tweaking with codes than in designing the actual layout. My knowledge and skill in HTML and CSS has decided to fail me. Well I’m not really surprised, considering that it has in fact been years since I last fiddled around with code. =P

Anyway, do check out the multiply site. :)

Bedazz currently has three makeup brushes in its line, with several others in the testing stage. I’m not being biased, but the brushes are really nice! Mix good quality with affordable prices (only Php700 or around USD14 for a full-sized stippling brush!), it sure is a great deal!

Dance Like No One’s Watching
Posted on: 3rd of March 2007 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

After several gruelling hours of my eyes and fingers being glued to my MacBook, I’m so happy to say that this layout’s finally done.

The production stage took a little longer than I had planned. My vectoring and photoshop skills are a little rusty from months of not practicing. On top of that, I seemed to have lost the ability to write (and even remember!) codes as fast as I used to. I had to resort to numerous trial-and-errors in order to get everything fixed. Everything seems to be looking fine now, but I shall double check again tomorrow if there are anymore bugs.

Anyway, I obviously went crazy over the colors. I don’t even remember having any of my past layouts being this colorful before. Frankly speaking, it’s quite a bold change from my usual “safe” colors. But change is good. I like this change. I’m also hoping that the bright colors will motivate me to blog more frequently now. Hahaha!

It’s already 3am, so I’ll just end this post with the quote that inspired this layout:

Dance like no one’s watching.
Sing like no one’s listening.
Love like you’ve never been hurt,
and live like it’s heaven on earth.

New Layout
Posted on: 4th of May 2005 | Under: Geek Talk

Testing, testing!

So I finally got myself to fiddle around photoshop, and lookie, I have a new layout! :) I just re-installed Greymatter too, so that should motivate me to actually post in here. Hopefully, that is. I’ve neglected this domain of mine way too long. It’s about time that I actually make some effort in keeping myself active in here!

There’s no new content. Just the same old domain infos, which I’m just too lazy to change at the moment. I have yet to fix the archives either. Will do that as soon as I get some sleep. ^^;;